Our mission is to empower and champion insurtech leaders.

Building the Insurtech Ecosystem

The InsurTech Association (ITA) is a non-profit association created by experienced founders, investors, and industry experts who understand the challenges of starting and running an InsurTech business. Collectively they have started companies, raised millions of dollars in capital, built strong carrier and broker partnerships, and have multiple successful exits.

ITA's members are transforming insurance through the development and application of technology – Insurtech. ITA is dedicated to strengthening the InsurTech industry and supports its members through networking, education, mentorship and shared resources.

The InsurTech Association is an inclusive organization and we welcome any individual or organization interested in InsurTech and insurance innovation. We have created a community of like-minded individuals and organizations that share a common vision: to build successful, sustainable InsurTech businesses. Our goal is to provide critical support to InsurTech leaders!

Upcoming Events

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Leadership Series Session #2

Join us for the next session in this 6 part series where we will focus on "Exploring the transformative role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership".

You can view Session #1 on our community page by logging in.

Tuesday, September 12.
12:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern


MGA Initiative

We've received a lot of reqeusts to build a larger intitiave focused on MGA startups and the help they need.

We'll have more details on this soon.

This is a service available only to our Creator Member class to start with.

Founder Message Board

We are close to launching our message board for founders. Here you can post questions, ask for advice, discuss strategy, or inquire about introductions.
This is a service available only to our Creator Member class to start with.

What We Offer

Peer-to-Peer Engagement

With founders, investors, and industry experts.


In-person and online events on topics that move you forward.


Ongoing small group workshops to tackle big problems.


Get matched with founders and experts.


How to guides on common strategies insurtechs need.

Exclusive Discounts

On products, services, and events you need.

Not a founder?

All in the eco-system are welcome to join, including:

Entrepreneurs - those interested in starting an insurtech
Transformers - cutting edge insurance service organizations.
Eco-system Partners - those supporting the insurtech eco-system.
Investors - both professional and angel.

Other eco-system participants receive:

Early access to founders getting best-in-class advice.
Access to the best and brightest startups.
Opportunity to showcase their organization or solution to insurtechs.


See what we've been up to recently.

We had over 50 members and prospective members ranging from startups, investors, carriers and ecosystem boosters join us for Launch Networking event in late March after the Insurtech NY Conference.

We heard many great discussions taking place and we cannot wait to hold our next live networking event in June in New York City during Insurtech Insights USA!

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